Rings Fountain: Cleaning & Repairs

1, Mar, 2013 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

If you’re in the Wharf District Parks over the next two months, you may notice a construction fence around the Rings Fountain area. Repairs and cleaning of the Rings Fountain will take place starting March 1 with an estimated completion date of April 30.

Because of the complicated machinery and mechanisms involved in the Rings Fountain’s structure, some maintenance is required to keep everything running smoothly and safely. In preparation for the upcoming summer season, the Conservancy’s maintenance team will be performing routine repairs and cleaning of the various components that make the Fountain so much fun!

Just to give you an idea of the complexity that lies below the granite rings, here’s a look at exactly what our maintenance crew will be working on for the next two months:

Rings Complex

The complexity that lies beneath those beautiful granite rings.

  • The rings fountain has a fog system that operates at 2,500 psi.  We’ll be replacing the 18 fog hoses and 9 fog manifolds that produce the unexpected clouds of mist making the Rings Fountain one of the coolest spots in Boston.
  • The pneumatic fountain manifolds supply pressurized air to the 60 micro shooters that shoot the delightful streams of water into the air.  The hardware holding the manifolds in place is getting worn out, so we’ll be replacing hardware and repairing these important suppliers of air that make the rings fountain so dynamic.
  • All 60 micro shooter solenoid valves will be rebuilt to ensure maximum water shooting fun.
  • There are 180 micro shooter hoses, 3 hoses per micro shooter for a total length of 700 feet, we’re replacing all of the hoses making sure the wonderful water that turns the Rings Fountain into… well, a fountain makes its way to you!
  • There are 120 Pico lights and 36 Zepto lights in the Rings Fountain. About 30 of them need new bulbs and some need to be replaced. This will ensure your evening visits to the Rings Fountain this summer will shine bright!
  • And while we’re down there, we’ll do a thorough cleaning of the fountain basin ensuring a safe and clean experience for you and the kids later this summer!
Close up of inner workings of the Rings Fountain.

Close up of inner workings of the Rings Fountain.

We hope you’ll join us for some fun and sun when everything is complete!

Summer fun in the Rings Fountain.

Summer fun in the Rings Fountain.