Spring Planning for North End Parks

28, Jan, 2013 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

The parks may be sleeping for the winter, but our Horticulture staff is busy planning for the vibrant spring that awaits.  This Spring, the Conservancy’s Horticulture staff will oversee small beautification efforts throughout the Greenway. This blog post focuses on coming improvements for the North End Parks.


North End Parks

Frequenters to the North End’s sunny lawns can look forward to more refreshing spots of shade thanks to the creative re-thinking of spaces and a few new trees.  Our existing Magnolias will be transplanted from their current locations in the lawn to better suited areas adjacent to shrub beds allowing these beautiful specimens a better opportunity to thrive.  We’re excited to welcome 4-5 new Maple trees on the west side of the lawn that will be planted strategically to enable continued maximized use of the lawns for passive recreation while giving our loungers a much needed break in the shade.  Our Elm tree, the largest tree on the Greenway, will be complemented with a new Elm to add more shade in the corner of the lawn one block south.

The very popular North End Parks are sure to be an even bigger destination this spring and summer with the added beauty and shade that our Horticulture staff is planning.  Not to mention the thousands of bulbs that will be blooming thanks to a big volunteer effort this fall.  Keep an eye out for continued improvements!