Stoked for another year on The Greenway!

4, Feb, 2020

It started with Boston’s first gourmet food truck. Today, The Greenway Food Truck Program has grown to more than 35 vendors across the park. From Indian delicacies and Korean fusion to fresh seafood and specialty pizza, it’s a diverse banquet to please every taste. The Greenway is proud to connect our visitors with incredible local partners in our Food Truck Program. Learn more about one of our long standing partners – STOKED – below!

How did your business begin? 

Stoked began as a food truck in 2014. Scott and Toirm were old friends and both had dreams of one day opening a restaurant. Vending via food truck was a budget friendly way to get in the door! 

Why did you choose The Greenway as a location to vend and how long have you been vending here? 

We started vending on The Greenway in 2014.  We chose The Greenway because it was well run, beyond it being a busy and beautiful open space. Working with the Greenway Conservancy has improved our business by putting us in front of hundreds of thousands of customers throughout the years!

What is your favorite event on The Greenway? 

The Spring Food Truck Festival! 

What is your favorite Stoked dish / what would you recommend to customers?

If you like meat, try The Porky.  Which is a pizza with bacon, sausage, and pepperoni! If you are vegetarian, try the Buffalo Brussels pie, it’s sweet and spicy, so good. If you are vegan, try the mushroom and onion pie and ask for the vegan cheese!

Besides Stoked, what is your favorite Greenway food truck to grab breakfast/lunch/snack from?

Taco Party!

What are your plans for the future? 

We are opening our second brick and mortar restaurant in the summer of this year on the ground level of Harvard’s Law School building. We first opened a brick and mortar in Brookline in 2016.

You can catch Stoked on The Greenway at Congress Street on Wednesdays and at Dewey Square on Fridays through March 31.