The Greenway Makes History in the Boston Time Capsule

19, Nov, 2014 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

Michael Nichols, Community Affairs and Strategic Projects



 Michael joined us in 2014 and is responsible for the Conservancy’s community and government affairs, as well as advancing strategic Greenway priorities. When he’s not soaking up politics or college sports, you can find him on the golf course or heading off to travel on his next great adventure. Here he reveals the piece that was submitted to the Boston time capsule. 


We at the Greenway think we have a pretty cool story to tell. What was once Boston Harbor became land. What was land became homes. What was homes became an elevated highway. What was an elevated highway became an underground highway tunnel. And, of course, what went on top of that underground highway tunnel was a gleaming public park – the Greenway!

You may have heard over the past several weeks the story of a 113-year old time capsule being discovered on top of the Old State House in Boston. In fact, it was inside the head of a golden lion that sits atop the historic building.


Photo Credit: CBS Boston

Bostonians in 1901 sealed up a time capsule for those of us in the 21st Century to open and enjoy. Inside was artifacts from the turn of the century including letters, photographs and newspaper clippings detailing life in 19th and 20th Century Boston.

Recently the Bostonian Society called for submissions to a NEW time capsule to be sealed on November 18th and re-inserted into the lion’s head for when the statue is re-installed atop the Old State House after renovations. The Greenway Conservancy is thrilled to announce that our submission was accepted and will be included when the capsule is sealed up for future generations of Bostonians to enjoy!

We submitted a front-and-back picture of aerial views of what the Greenway looked like before the Big Dig and how it looks today. See below for our submission and see you in the future!


“The Rose Fitzgerald Greenway Conservancy felt the history of the Big Dig/Central Artery project – culminating in the development of the Greenway – was a worthy story to tell future generations. Our submission provides aerial before-and-after pictures of the former elevated highway and existing Greenway to capture the transformation experienced in Boston over the past two decades.”
-Jesse Brackenbury, Greenway Conservancy

time capsule 2

time capsule 3