Tree and Shurb Replacement at the Greenway Carousel

17, Jun, 2014 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

For the next few days, ValleyCrest Landscape will be replacing six of the trees that make up the grove surrounding the Greenway Carousel, as well as a number of plants and shurbs in the surrounding planting beds.  The six trees being replaced in the Carousel Grove are Honey Locust trees. As a result of this work, the Greenway Carousel will have a delayed opening beginning no later than 2 pm on Tuesday, June 17, Wednesday, June 18 and Thursday, June 19.  Two trees will be removed and replaced with new trees per day.

Our contractors are performing this work under our warranty, so there is no cost to the Greenway, its part of our contract when we built the Carousel last year.  Our warranty is similiar to any warranty you receive when purchasing an appliance or vehicle.

We thank you for your patience!