UFO, 2006 (exhibited 2019)

Erwin Wurm


  • As the reality melts, the truth bends. Erwin Wurm’s sculptures can often be seen as a reflection of the modern society. Cars become fat to exaggerate their function as a status symbol. Vehicles such as cars are a recurring theme in Wurm’s work. The UFO which was made from a Porsche 924 is one example. The vehicle‘s form has been destroyed and reshaped in a bizarre way. It appears strangely and without function, while at the same time signaling speed and movement. The artist makes use of everyday objects and displays them in an unusual form to give the viewer a different view on the reality.

    Materials: Mixed media

  • Erwin Wurm’s (1954, Austria) complex work includes performance, video, photography, drawing and classical sculpture. During the 1990s, he attracted attention for his “One-Minute Sculptures” where viewers briefly became sculptures by assuming often absurd poses frequently involving everyday objects, especially clothing, following partly written and partly pictorial instructions. Clothing as a sculptural theme, the second skin, the protective shell, the outline, and also the exterior of volume is of prime importance in Wurm’s work. Wurm conceptually explores the premise that sculpture is concerned with the alteration of mass and volume. In this respect, he describes humans gaining or losing weight as a sculptural act.