Your Greenway Paver Stories

29, Mar, 2017 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

On the Mothers’ Walk, a gently winding path in The Greenway’s Wharf District Parks, pavers bear inscriptions, dedicated to loved ones and celebrating special occasions. Their stories are a part of The Greenway and Boston.

Pavers for Catherine Lewando Roth and Elsie Kay
From Cathryn Gannon

After many years of walking along the Mothers’ Walk and announcing that we really should buy a brick in memory of my mother, in 2012 my husband Jim gave me a brick for my birthday.  Such a great gift!  Deciding upon the inscription was a family affair – one of the greatest gifts my mother had given us all was passing on her love of Boston.  Thus we inscribed “Catherine Lewando Roth Loved Boston”.  Our timing was great and before the snow came the brick was installed and our tradition of celebrating my mother’s life began with family members coming together at her brick and then all going out to dinner.  There were about 20 of us that first year.

Then in 2014 Jim and I bought another brick to honor our first grandchild, Elsie Kay, on her first birthday.  With help from staff at the Greenway speeding along the process, Elsie’s brick was installed in the same area as her great grandma’s.  We felt that we were giving Elsie her own little piece of Boston and a special connection to family she had never known.  It was pretty easy to choose the inscription this time, “Elsie Kay D’Amato We Love You”.

Since that first celebration in 2012, we have a special day on the Greenway for the family each summer.  Sometimes it’s a big group, other years smaller. For some of us it is a chance to remember days gone by, for others it is a special time to look ahead.  A big draw now is to include a visit to the carousel which is right near Elsie’s brick.  Elsie and her Mom and Dad always include a visit to the Greenway when they visit the Aquarium or other sites in the area and Elsie is getting quite proficient at locating her brick!  Heavens before we know it she will be able to read for herself the special message her brick delivers from her whole family.

Paver for Marina R. Borisova
From Maria Borisova

My mom is the toughest, most determined person I have ever met. She immigrated to this country in 1999 from Belarus, looking for a better life for her young daughter and herself. She worked three jobs while getting her MBA, all while being an awesome single mom, with less than perfect English skills. She succeeded in establishing a life here, getting a job, and raising her daughter. A few years later, she helped her parents immigrate to Boston as well. She single handedly supported the entire family for many years on just her salary, all while being an incredibly kind and supportive mom. We became citizens a few years ago, and have since happily made Boston our home. But I always remember her struggle in the early years to get myself and my family to where we are now. I could not think of a better way to honor her achievement than to engrave a permanent piece of Boston with her name, to live on for centuries in the place she calls home.

Paver for Newlyweds Erica & Andy
From Linda Austin

Erica & Andy were married at the Boston Harbor Hotel on August 20, 2016. Before their wedding and stuffed after their tasting, we took Erica, Andy for a walk along The Greenway and noticed the pavers along The Mothers’ Walk. Inspired by all the heartfelt dedications, my husband Dave and I purchased the soon to be married couple a paver in honor of their special day. My daughter was overwhelmed with joy. Her husband was amazed!  We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to immortalize this moment with a paver. It is a truly wonderful lasting memory. Erica and Andy returned from their honeymoon and we stopped to see the brick again!  It’s perfect!

Paver for Josephine Riley
From Sean Riley

My wife, Josephine, died on her 46th birthday from a rare malignancy. She was a wife, mother of two small children (9 & 10), sister, daughter, aunt, and dear friend to many people in our lives. My kids and I bought a paver in her memory. One of her closest friends works at the Federal courthouse and walks down the Greenway each day. She suggested this was a good idea and we agreed. My now 13-year-old daughter picked out the wording. My sister in law lives in the Middle East and was here visiting this summer with our niece. We all stopped at her stone for the first time and reflected on Josephine. I think she would be proud to be included in an area devoted to so much love.

Pavers for Elaine Dion Fagan and Mark Robert Fagan
From Kelly Frattaroli

I purchased a paver for my mom and dad for their 35th wedding anniversary. My parents love Boston and it is such a unique gift that gives them each a small piece in the heart of downtown Boston, all while giving back to the Greenway. I love walking along the Greenway and seeing their pavers, always brings a smile to my face.

Paver for Kim-Lesley Nichols
From Michael & Tara Nichols

Our mother often cites living in the North End in her 20s as the best time in her life. She would cross under the elevated Central Artery on her walk to work in Government Center, always stopping for her morning coffee from the Steaming Kettle. Now at nearly the exact location where she would cross the street is the Greenway Carousel and the end of The Greenway’s Mother’s Walk. So in recognition of her love for children and her years spent in North End, we purchased a paver for our mother in 2015 beside the Carousel. We surprised her by taking her to the paver on Mother’s Day and showing it to her, engraved on the walkway. Now no visit to Boston is complete without our mother stopping by her paver on The Greenway.

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You too can dedicate a paver to a loved on The Mothers’ Walk and become a part of Boston’s history on The Greenway.
Have a paver on The Greenway? Share your story with us at [email protected]