Hip-Hop: Seen/Unseen, 2023

In honor of Hip-Hop’s 50-year golden anniversary, Street Theory and the Greenway Conservancy are proud to present Hip Hop: Seen/Unseen, showcasing a carefully curated collection of early concert flyers and rare photographic archives from 1979 to the present. This mini-exhibition, nestled within the Dewey Square Plaza on The Greenway, is a tribute to the raw, captivating allure of Hip-Hop and its deeply embedded roots in Boston’s social and cultural tapestry.

Hip-Hop: Seen/Unseen explores the rich cultural heritage, historical journey, and pervasive influence of Hip-Hop in Boston, thereby exposing the vibrant yet often hidden heartbeat of the City.

When I arrived in Boston from Los Angeles for college in 2000, Hip-Hop is what welcomed me and made me feel at home in a new city. I reveled in it and was fully embraced by the graffiti writers, mc’s, bboys/bgirls, and dj’s who were creating out of pure love and passion for the music and culture. Along with my co-curators Edo G., Chico Silvera, and Pacey Foster, I am humbled and excited to put together the Hip-Hop: Seen/Unseen exhibition at The Greenway to give visibility to this transformative genre as we universally celebrate the 50th year of Hip-Hop. – Liza Quiñonez

Photos by Dominic Chavez

  • Illuminated by Problak’s 2022 mural Breathe Life Together as the backdrop, the exhibition strives to create an authentic portrayal of Hip-Hop’s far-reaching influence on Boston’s culture. It aims to provoke conversations about music’s role in everyday life, the power of grassroots art, and now such movements can redefine a city’s identity.

    The show flyers trace the roots of the movement by capturing the genesis of the New York and Boston Hip-Hop scenes, while the photographs transcend mere portrayal of iconic figures. Instead, they spot daily life, jam sessions, and gatherings through the lens of the five core elements of Hip-Hop: MCing, DJing, breakdancing, graffiti, and knowledge.  These artifacts reveal how Hip-Hop has been intricately woven into the fabric of Boston’s everyday life, profoundly influencing its language, fashion, and communal spaces.


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