The Conservancy’s public art program has paved the way for The Greenway to become a premier destination to see contemporary works of art in downtown Boston. The public art vision is to bring innovative and contemporary art to Boston through free, temporary exhibitions, engaging people in meaningful experiences, interactions and dialogue with art and each other. The Conservancy gives artists unique opportunities to exhibit bold, new work that considers the possibilities of 21st century Boston.

Greenway Public Art Advisory Committee

Engulf, 2019

Through October 2021

Juan Travieso

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Resonance, 2019

Through May 2020

Super A (Stefan Thelen)

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Augmented Reality Art, 2019

Through May 2020

Nancy Baker Cahill, John Craig Freeman, and Will Pappenheimer

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Year of the Pig, 2019

Through January 2020

Elliott Kayser

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Past Exhibitions