Greenway Conservancy 201

19, Aug, 2015 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

In a blog post 2 months ago, we gave an overview of the public-private partnership that has produced the beautiful, vibrant Greenway. We explained how the dedicated non-profit model for The Greenway is different in Massachusetts, how the private sector has embraced a greater funding responsibility for the public park than originally anticipated, and how the Conservancy’s care has been demonstrated as cost-effective in the marketplace.

The Greenway model is undoubtedly complex. Because the Conservancy is committed to transparency, we offer all primary documents on our website. Through hyperlinks and commentary, this blog post will help you navigate and understand much more of our detailed information. If the previous blog post was The Greenway 101 class – this is the 201 course.


Greenway Carousel at the Tiffany and Co. Foundation Grove (Photo Credit:

The Greenway Conservancy is a 501c3 non-profit, designated by state legislation to manage The Greenway. We summarize our work with pictures, finances, and narrative in an Annual Report. Take a look at our most recent Fiscal Year 14 report, as well as ones from all previous operating years. Each year our financial statements are independently audited; here’s the most recent. Our financials also include an additional report showing expenditures of MassDOT funds at a high level of detail, and we publish thorough reports on the quarterly use of MassDOT funds. Here’s the most recent quarterly report and the final report from last fiscal year, in case you’re curious about how much we spend on fountain maintenance, snow/ice, etc. We also post our annual tax form 990 (federal non-profit filing), which includes an extensive narrative about the Conservancy’s previous year’s accomplishments. These documents are one click from our homepage on a well-organized page at

The Greenway Conservancy is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors; appointments are made by neighborhood groups, elected officials, and others, according to 2012 legislation. The Board meets publicly at least quarterly as indicated in our meeting schedule posted online; agendas are posted in advance and meeting minutes are posted after Board approval. Each year, we present our budget, goals and a statement of results; all are available online.

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Greenway North End Park. (Photo Credit:

We have strong relationships with our neighbors. We attend community meetings—such as the Wharf District Council, NEWRA, or the Chinatown Safety Committee—to make presentations and gain a fuller appreciation for their visions. We hold our own dedicated community meetings and post presentation materials, as seen with our recent North End improvements project. The business community also demonstrates its support for the Conservancy through sponsorship at our Greenway Gala fundraiser or through partnering with us on the Janet Echelman sculpture.

The Greenway has won numerous awards under our stewardship, such as the recent “Best Public Art Space.” The press covers our work extensively; we’re particularly proud of this recent Boston Globe column. Stellar reviews from the public have led the Conservancy to be Top Rated by for 4 years in a row.

You can learn more about the people who make The Greenway vibrant and beautiful by visiting our staff webpage or by volunteering with us.


Greenway Horticultural Staff