Staff Spotlight: Sam Hollands

28, Mar, 2017 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

Interview with Sam Hollands, The Greenway’s Programs Coordinator

How did you come to The Greenway? 

Mark Anastasio, Programs Manager for the Coolidge Corner Theater, and Sam Hollands introducing a screening of the Birds in 2015

Mark Anastasio, from Coolidge Corner Theater, and Sam Hollands introducing a film on The Greenway.

I graduated from Northeastern in 2013 and participating in their co-op program meant I was leaving school with a few internships under my belt. I had fallen into the art/museum world and used my momentum to work for a few really interesting organizations in new places.

When I landed back in Boston I knew I wanted to have my work focus on visitor-centric, artistically inclined spaces. In my search for a job I saw that The Greenway Conservancy had a few open positions and immediately reached out. I had interned at the ICA in college during the lead up to their Os Gemeos exhibition so was familiar with The Greenway’s mural project. It seemed like a different context in which I could showcase my skills and was excited at the opportunity to work with such a young, forward-thinking organization.

What do you do as Programs Coordinator? 

As is the case with most non-profits, all of us who work here wear a number of different hats. The basic foundation of my role is in events – working with third-party organizations to realize their goal of hosting an event on The Greenway. Last year we supported over 400 free events – Boston Local Food Fest, FIGMENT and Bostoberfest to name a few – so April through September is busy for me and my team.

Free fitness class on The Greenway

Free fitness class on The Greenway

I also help run the Greenway’s Mobile Eats and Fitness programs. The Mobile Eats program includes around 35 food trucks that we work with whereas Greenway Fitness collaborates with instructors to offer traditionally indoor workouts in an outdoor space. Outside of day to day communications and the upfront administration, these programs are great because we get to partner with local businesses to run more self-sufficient, long-term projects here on the park. During the week the park is always busy with food trucks and exercise classes that complement the one-off events we host.

What exciting projects are you working on now?

We’re definitely in the planning stages for 2017 so there are a lot of things that are still being confirmed on our calendar. The Mobile Eats program will resume in full strength towards the beginning of April (with 8 new vendors!) and that always engages patrons of the park and injects the first burst of energy into the season. I’m also in the process of finalizing the fitness calendar for this year so definitely stay tuned…

2016 Food Truck Fesitval

2016 Food Truck Festival

I have a media background so I tend to love all things music, movies and art and, while we can’t say too much, there are definitely some exciting programs that will be announced over the next few months.

What accomplishments are you proud of?

I really enjoy the time I’ve had getting to know the different businesses, supporters and collaborators who engage with the work of our organization. I’ve been lucky to be able to meet so many interesting people and help produce things like The Coolidge at the Greenway, our Berklee concert series and the Boston Calling Block Parties. The Coolidge at the Greenway was especially a passion project as I had admired the Coolidge Corner Theater for a long time and getting the opportunity to produce a free, 35mm screening series with them was great.

Berklee concert series performance

Berklee concert series performance

More generally I’m proud that I feel more confident than ever with three seasons at The Greenway under my belt. Everyone here puts in a lot – over the spring and summer especially – and to come out the other side in one piece is always a satisfying feeling.

 What are you looking forward to this upcoming season?

The great thing about my job is that we don’t always know what’s coming next. I’m looking forward to going into the season with an open mind and being ready to help make some of the ideas that come our way a reality.

 Anything else fun you want to share…

Just want to remind folks to keep an eye on our calendar and, if you don’t see what you’re looking for on there, that’s just because you haven’t brought it to us yet!