Summer Play on The Greenway

28, Sep, 2018

Written by Shannon Quirk, Youth Programs Intern

For kids, The Greenway is more than a contemporary public park in the middle of a busy city. For many, it is not only their playground but their backyard as well. It is a place where they can run around, use their imagination, make friends, learn about nature, and experience all The Greenway has to offer.

In honor of this Saturday’s Worldwide Day of Play, check out this wrap-up our Youth Programs Intern, Shannon Quirk, wrote about our exciting summer full of PLAY on The Greenway. And remember, our upcoming SaturPLAY is the perfect way to celebrate this wonderful day.


Youth Adventure Days

Groups from many organizations, including the Boston Boys and Girls Clubs, visit The Greenway for our 17 Youth Adventure Days, allowing hundreds of kids to experience a jam-packed day on The Greenway. The day starts with a walk through the beautiful park, stopping at flowers and public art along the way until we reach our first destination: A Greenway Mobile Eats Food Truck! Each group experiences the enticing flavors of a donated lunch, many trying that cuisine for the first time. After lunch, it’s time to run around; from hula hooping, giant Connect Four, to a misting in Boston Harbor Fog, this undirected time truly allows for some exciting free play!


A favorite stop for all is our Greenway Carousel, where kids are given a quick lesson on how all the creatures represented on the Carousel are native to New England. This always leads to a discussion among the kids trying to decide what animal to ride, “a butterfly, no wait the whale, oh maybe the lobster!” This busy day ends with the “big blue blocks” in the Imagination Playground and a splash in out signature Rings Fountain. Passers-by will hear giggles and joyous shrieks as the kids wait for the fountain spouts to spray. We always love to hear kids promising to come back with their families and share the adventures with siblings and parents! 

Chinatown Play Sessions

Walking through The Greenway on a Thursday night, you will see a wide range of ages playing under the twinkle lights in Chinatown. From toddlers playing on stepping stones, to teenagers jumping rope, there is something for everyone. Residents come out for a fun night of playing with old friends, and make some new ones! It is a place where kids all play together, using the universal language of laughter to create great memories on The Greenway.IMG_1200

The Uni Read cart gives kids an opportunity to sit down and read a variety of books in many languages. Thursday night Greenway Play Sessions are a place where hula hoop tutorials often turn into dance parties; colorful chalk designs brighten up the pavement; and the PlayCubes test climbing abilities. Chinatown play enhances community for the kids in the Chinatown neighborhood, but also welcomes all who stop by to join in on the fun on Thursday nights in the summer!

Downtown Playdates

Saturdays on The Greenway are always bustling with grown-ups, but there is always fun to be had for kids, too! Downtown Playdates is a partnership program between The Greenway and a number of city organizations all dedicated to encouraging and bringing family-friendly activities to the downtown area on Saturdays.IMG_1120

Every Saturday’s Downtown Playdate on The Greenway brings something new and different. One Saturday, a butterfly craft table was set up and kids were able to learn about the butterflies represented on the Greenway Carousel, which are all native to New England! The Imagination Playground is always out near the Carousel on Saturdays as well, allowing for creativity and imagination while making friends and building. While Downtown Playdates are over for this summer, we can’t wait to have you all back next year!