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Enjoy a photo-op in front of one of our Hatchlings, a creative light display inspired by the Esplanade's iconic Hatch Shell.

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Come enjoy our Winter Sauna Village - a relaxing experience at Rowes Wharf Plaza, complete with a cold plunge, wood-fired saunas, changing rooms, rinsing stations, and a relaxation hut with locker storage.

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Volunteer for a horticulture project at The Greenway. Get outside, learn about organic landscaping, develop your gardening skills. Work has never been so fun.


Let your kids climb an iconic cuboctahedron. What is it? A unique, exciting, and popular playing structure in Chin Park. Your kids are going to be all over it.

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Plan a birthday party your child will never forget. Celebrate at the Greenway Carousel, a truly magical place for kids and adults alike. Make their big day a special day.

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Take your kids to play on our interactive art piece "Year of the Dragon" by Ponnapa Prakkamakul. This land bridge with play features is sure to spark imagination! Find it in Chin Park by Chinatown Gate.

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Stroll through the Carolyn Lynch Garden on The Greenway, and see the beauty of our sustainable, organic practices. It’ll brighten your day.

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Break the routine on your next lunch break. Stop by one of our food trucks - they're still operating in the winter!

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Rock your day on our relaxing swinging benches in the North End. Hang out and watch the world go by or sweeten the moment with a cannoli from the neighborhood.

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Walk from one end of The Greenway to the other. The walk is 1.5 miles and there's plenty to see along the way!

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The Conservancy’s public art program has paved the way for The Greenway to become a premier destination to see contemporary works of art in downtown Boston. See what is currently on display!

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The Greenway belongs to all of us. You are what makes the park. And that’s why so many people think of themselves as stewards of the park and want to stay engaged. Learn how you can be a friend and supporter.

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