We are lucky to have so many committed, talented professionals on our team. Meet the people who strive behind the scenes every day to keep The Greenway an exciting, innovative, must-see place to visit.

Darrah Cole

Senior Horticulturist and Designer

Tori Hiney

Ecology and Horticulture Supervisor

Katherine Brainard

Horticulture Field Manager

Valerie Stiles

Seasonal Horticulturist

Tyler Simonds

Seasonal Horticulturist

Dana Werbin

Seasonal Horticulturist

Tom Ball

Maintenance and Construction Supervisor

Bruce Carstairs

Maintenance Mason

Bobby Davis

Senior Maintenance Technician

Leonard Krushova

Maintenance Technician

CJ Osbourne

Maintenance Technician

Trina Alexknovitch

Senior Park Ranger

Rex Tzen

Senior Project Coordinator

Eileen Ong

Assistant Director of Programs

PhuongDuy Tran

Programs Manager

Olivia Horte

Senior Programs Coordinator

Abigale Purvis

Programs Coordinator

Sheila Novak

Interim Associate Curator

Talia Aronson

Senior Office and HR Coordinator

Srivi Radhakrishnan

Accounting Supervisor

David Dalena

Senior Development Officer

Lanie Kropp

Database Coordinator

Alan Auger

Creative Services Manager

Rachel Lake

Marketing and Community Affairs Manager