Using “the Cloud” at the Greenway

22, Jan, 2014 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

Prior to her departure from the Greenway Conservancy for some time for travel and enter to attend graduate school, our Office Administrator / Staff Accountant Natalie helped document the steps that we’ve taken to reduce paper use and improve processes.  Here’s what she wrote…

1.    How is the Conservancy using “the cloud”?
About two years ago, the Conservancy implemented, a cloud-based system for managing our accounts payable and receivable. This transition has been extremely beneficial not only to the Finance department, but to everyone working with the Conservancy. Documents can be sent directly into the site and processed more efficiently than before. We are also using Expensify, an online resource that allows us to manage and compile expense reports for our various departments. Finally, we use MyPaychex to accurately track payroll and human resources information. Employees can now access this information at anytime and anywhere that there is internet!

2.    Why?
Using “the cloud” has been a great way to further our mission of sustainability and environmental stewardship. Along with saving paper, our new systems have also increased efficiency and communication among the six departments that make up the Conservancy. In streamlining many of our processes, we have saved everyone a great deal of time and therefore furthered the opportunity for growth. Cloud-based systems also provide us with improved accuracy of record-keeping and better protection against fraud, therefore enhancing our transparency and accountability.

3.    What’s the Conservancy’s latest paperless effort?
Recently, we have started using DocuSign to send-out and finalize our contracts. With the addition of many new food vendors for our Mobile Eats Program, having a cloud-based and user-friendly way to sign contracts has been great. We are also using DocuSign for artist contracts. Another system we have implemented is eFax. We disconnected our fax machine, and now our employees can send and receive faxes online – this has been a great improvement for all Conservancy staff!

4.    What’s your favorite spot on the Greenway?
My favorite area is definitely up near the North End. I love the spot in the summer because it is so sunny, and I loved the disco ball installation this winter!