Our seven water features are among the most popular attractions on the Greenway. 

The fountains are on daily from late May – early October (Columbus Day)  9AM-11PM.

Fountain locations listed below in order of appearance from North to South.

North End Parks

  • North & South Canal
    Splash your feet in the Canal fountains that run along the North and South lawns of the Parks. These fountains are perfect for smaller children, who just want to get their feet wet.

Armenian Heritage Park

  • Labyrinth fountain
    The bubbling fountain at the center of the Labyrinth creates a soothing sound track for your meditative walk and a fun finish to a child's run through the maze.
  • Split Dodecahedron Sculpture
    This pedestal fountain sets a contemplative mood for reflecting on the immigrant experience. Please no climbing in this fountain.

Wharf District Parks

  • Rings Fountain
    Our most popular fountain is a blast for the whole family. Enjoy lunch by the Rings Fountain or race through the jets at the risk of getting wet.
  • Harbor Fog Sculpture
    This interactive sculpture by Ross Miller, puts off cool mist and sounds of the Harbor in response to movement.

Chin Park

  • Chinatown Stream
    Discover a refreshing, bamboo lined rocky stream in Chinatown. 

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