A burger that will rock your world!

25, Jul, 2019


Written by our friends at Daddy’s Bonetown Burgers

Meet Richard Cambriello, owner of Daddy’s Bonetown Burgers, one of the newest food trucks on The Greenway. He’s known as the face of Daddy’s Bonetown Burgers. His unique food truck concept of incorporating “everything that is METAL” has made Daddy’s Bonetown Burgers a favorite of Greenway food truck regulars.


How did your business begin?

I used to work for the truck, Go Fish!, which was one of the original trucks to start in the City of Boston food truck program. About a year and a half later, the chef, David Stein, asked me if I wanted to take over the truck. Naturally, I jumped at the offer and here we are today, six years later!

Why did you choose The Greenway as a location to vend?

We chose to apply to The Greenway food truck program because it’s a great place to vend! There are tons of people and high visibility for the truck. My whole family already frequents The Greenway, so it made sense to vend here. Being on The Greenway has already helped our business a lot; we’ve had catering calls and special event requests from being on the park!


What is your favorite Daddy’s Bonetown Burgers dish?

Definitely the Lemmy Burger – 100% black Angus burger topped with thick-cut applewood smoked bacon, truck-made bourbon BBQ sauce, smoked onion crisps, and cheddar cheese! It also helps spread the gospel of Motörhead!

Besides Daddy’s Bonetown Burgers, what is your favorite Greenway Food Truck to grab breakfast/lunch/snack from?

Asking to pick a favorite from The Greenway food trucks is like asking me to pick a favorite tattoo! Recently, most likely I would say Moyzilla ,or Dining Car, or Bacon Truck, or or or or…


What are your plans for the future?

We’re looking to just keep rocking. Later down the road, we would like to open a brick and mortar of our own. My partner, Shane Caledonia, just opened a brick and mortar in Rhode Island and we are working on bringing one to the Boston area soon. We would also like to bring our sister truck, Baby’s Bonetown BBQ, up to The Greenway soon!

You can find Daddy’s Bonetown Burger at Milk St on Mondays and Rowes Wharf Plaza on Fridays

And remember to check out The Greenway’s full food truck schedule here: rosekennedygreenway.org/FoodTrucks