A Mouse with Ears and Tail, 2020

Furen Dai / 戴馥任

  • Furen Dai’s practice has focused on the economy of cultural industry and how languages lose function, usage, and history over time. Her years as a professional translator and interest in linguistic studies have guided her artistic practice since 2015. For her artwork based on the Year of the Mouse, Dai researched the evolutionary process of the Chinese character “鼠” (mouse), from the ancient Oracle bone script to the contemporary SimSun font. 

    When foreign language characters are placed in a different cultural context, those without knowledge of the language tend to read the character as a series of abstract lines and shapes. This artwork explores the experience of viewing a Chinese character from both a native and foreign perspective, encouraging both Chinese speakers and non-Chinese speakers to see “mouse” when viewing “鼠”.  In this work, the small mouse of the ancient Oracle bone script races around the contemporary SimSun font, which is in turn transformed into a cartoon mouse figure blinking and beckoning us in with its warm, neon glow.



  • Furen Dai’s hybrid art practice utilizes video, sound, sculpture, painting and collaboration. Dai received a Bachelor in Russian Language Studies from Beijing Foreign Studies University; she also holds an MFA degree from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University. Dai has received an Excellence Award from the 21st Japan Media Art Festival, The Art Newspaper commission for Frieze Art Fair New York 2019, the Milton and Sally Avery Arts Foundation Fellowship, Art OMI residency, International Studio and Curatorial Program Residency.

    戴馥任在藝術創作中經常運用影像,聲音,雕塑,繪畫與多種媒介合作。她畢業於北京外國語大學俄語語言文學院並獲得學士學位,她隨後攻讀了塔夫斯大學藝術碩士學位。戴馥任在第21屆日本媒體藝術節獲得了的優秀獎,2019紐約Frieze藝術展中獲得藝術報紙佣金,還獲得了Milton and Sally Avery藝術基金獎學金。