A photorealistic painting of a tiger is surrounded by faded pink and yellow flowers. In the background, an organic orange line pattern surrounds the head of the tiger.

Engulf, 2019

Juan Travieso

  • Juan Travieso creates visually complex worlds through combining realist painting techniques with surreal and geometric juxtapositions. Travieso presents the endangerment of species, such as the tiger pictured, as an allegory for the consequences of society’s shifting priorities and the pitfalls of issues from climate change to gentrification. Travieso’s imaginative scene presents a graphic topography and invasive plants intertwined with two tigers. A recently felled tree and overwhelming grid system evoke human involvement, suggesting a narrative of loss and isolation. His surrealist environment evokes questions of who can thrive, whose needs are prioritized, what values have created this dystopian scene, and at what cost.


  • Juan Travieso, based out of Miami, creates visually complex worlds using a realist painting technique with surreal juxtapositions. Travieso’s work works deals primarily with the environment. Travieso is a graduate of The Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston. He has had numerous exhibitions nationally, as well as internationally. His work is included in collections throughout the United States and other parts of the world.