Concert For One: 1 Musician, 1 Listener, 1 Minute of Live Music

Over ten days this fall, Celebrity Series will give powerful, free music experiences to 5,000 people: one listener and one musician at a time. Concert for One will pair individual listeners with solo musicians for 60 seconds of focused live performance and concentrated listening, fostering intimate connections between performers and audience members.

Performances will take place inside a temporary art installation featuring two specially outfitted shipping containers. One container will serve as an interactive lobby and one as a performance space. The performance space will have just enough room for two chairs, two people and an instrument. 1 musician will perform for 1 listener for 1 minute at a time.

Concert for One is free and open to the public, no reservations or tickets required. Details of the performance, including the performer’s name, instrument or what music they will play, will be unknown to listeners until they step into the space.