Greenway Week: Gardens

The Greenway is an urban oasis thanks to our pioneering approach to landscape management, as well as our rich diversity of trees, shrubs, plants and beautiful blooms. We’re one of the only public parks in the region with a landscape that is maintained completely organically. Our organic landscape approach means healthier plants, a cleaner Boston Harbor, and a safer space for children, pets, and all. Ten years in and the parks are lush, green, and beautiful. Learn more about our organic program!

To celebrate 10 years of management and care of The Greenway, this year we planted 10,000 bulbs in our Carolyn Lynch Garden to bloom earlier this spring, and expanded our Pollinator Ribbon with the first bee hives in a public park and a new wildflower Meadow. Join our Horticulture staff for a tour of the bees, meadow, and compost tea operations on Monday’s free Garden Tour from 1:30p-3:00p.

Take a moment today to visit your favorite garden space on The Greenway and reflect on all that has changed in the last 10 years! You’ll also see our neighboring buildings lighting up green throughout the week.