Intro to Hung Gar Kung Fu

Join Kwong Kow Chinese School for a fun and dynamic 1-hour traditional Hung Gar martial arts class, which features a structured and routine training program which develops mastery of techniques. Classes begin with warm-up exercises, followed by a series of drills that are designed to build strength, flexibility, and coordination. Drills may include striking, kicking, blocking, and combinations of movements. The goal of the class is to establish strong foundations in the fundamentals of Traditional Hung Gar, so students can progress to more advanced techniques and sparring in the future.


Each session will cover new techniques, and offer two 1-hour class options (12–1PM or 1–2PM). However, you are NOT required to attend all sessions or classes. Pick the dates & times work best for you! 

All fitness levels welcome. Register here

This class is part of the 2023 Greenway Fitness Season, presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.