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Greenway Event Proposal Guidelines

The Greenway Conservancy works with a variety of partners and organizations to host over 300 events annually on the 15 acre greenway. Many events are recurring, such as the Greenway Open Market, the Boston Public Market Seasonal Farmers' Markets as well as fitness classes.  Feel free to email us with any questions you may have when considering an event at:

1.  Generally speaking, we look for events and programs that are free and open to the public and underscore our commitment as a public park. Please refer to the Park Use Guidelines for complete information.

2. If you are looking to host a fundraiser or other private event, we do a VERY limited number of private events, usually in conjunction with our annual Gala on the Greenway in late spring/early summer.  Generally, any other proposal for a fundraiser or private event will be declined.

3.  Please complete general event planning (e.g., event size, audience, and infrastructure needs) before contacting the Conservancy with an event proposal.  We encourage you to walk the Greenway to understand the parks, but we will be happy to advise which one of the Greenway parks could best accommodate your event and check the availability of that date.  Details on park infrastructure and capacity of the parks can be found in the Park Use Guidelines where you will also find park rules and regulations.

4.  Please note that during certain holiday weekends, we strongly discourage additional events or programs.  These days and weekends include:

  • April school vacation week, including Patriots Day
  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • July 4th holiday, including weekdays and weekends nearest July 4th.
  • Labor Day Weekend
  • Columbus Day Weekend

5. Click here to fill our The Greenway's Event Planning Form

6.  Conservancy will review requests, and may require a site visit or additional information. The Conservancy strives to provisionally approve events within 5-10 business days of receiving the application. If event is approved, Conservancy will send copies of the Permit Application to the Boston Parks and Recreation and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT).

MassDOT generally takes 10 business days to review and approve applications. If MassDOT has additional questions about the event, the Conservancy will contact you for information.

7.  Conservancy will send an Event Agreement to you, which will include information on park usage fee for your event (if required) and on insurance. Fees for events are based on staff time incurred outside of regular business hours and additional infrastructure support; fees range from $250-$2,000. The Event Agreement will contain terms and conditions including required insurance (generally $1M+ general liability coverage).

8.  Boston Parks and Recreation generally takes 30-60 days to review Permit Applications and issue their Special Event Park Permit.

9.  Depending on the nature of the event, the City may dictate that additional permits are needed from the Fire Department, Inspectional Services Department, or others. Please note that these permits must be obtained by you, the applicant, not by the Conservancy, although Conservancy staff may be able to help provide direction.

10.  As far in advance of your event as possible, deliver to the Conservancy

  • Signed Event Agreement
  • Special Events Park Permit
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Marketing information on your event so we can help publicize it

11.  Have a fun, and safe, event!

Public Art Proposals

The Greenway Conservancy is not soliciting proposals for public artworks at this time. We will however review unsolicited proposals on a quarterly basis. Write for more information and to request a proposal form.

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