From Intern to Coordinator: Ruby Maute’s Summer (and Beyond) on The Greenway Programs Team

4, Oct, 2023

I’ve never thought about what goes into running a public park, but this summer I learned the intricacies of managing a 1.5-mile stretch of green space rich with flora, sparkling fountains for children to splash in, and free events, from festivals to concerts.

In April of 2023, I was graduating from Boston University as a film major, and finishing my senior year in Los Angeles interning at various film studios. Scrolling the internet for work, I came across an Events and Programs Internship posting for The Rose Kennedy Greenway. However, in LA, I had fallen in love with the sun, and the entertainment industry vibe and wanted to stay there. I’d grown up in the Boston area and felt I’d seen and done it all. But from planning events for three years for BU’s Campus Activities Board, I’d grown to love event planning, so I applied.

To my delight, I was hired as an intern and jumped into the job in late May and began learning what goes into promoting an urban public park. I mainly assisted with The Greenway’s Food Truck Program, reaching out to vendors about opportunities at events we were hosting, updating the website with the food trucks visiting each week, tracking their customer counts and revenue each month so we could invoice them accordingly, and generally checking in on them — which gave me the excuse to buy mouth-watering lunch. I learned how to help a food truck safely pull onto the park, making sure they didn’t run over a bush or crash into a bench. I learned how to make sure the food trucks have drip trays to catch any oil from contaminating the ground. 

I also assisted with brand promotions at events such as a dog adoption event where a company gave out free dog treats and bandanas for the canines and juice samples for their ‘humans’. It was so heartwarming to see so many of the dogs find their forever homes. 

One of the events I managed was The Greenway’s annual Jazz in the Park series. For five Thursday evenings in July and August, we hosted a jazz concert in the North End in collaboration with the North End Music & Performing Arts Center. Each week a different jazz group would entertain families, starry-eyed couples, and office workers who’d bring blankets and lawn chairs to enjoy a cool evening of jazz. I was in charge of unlocking the power for the audio engineers and then for the rest of the night, I, too, would relax with the crowd.

In July, a full-time permanent position opened on the Programs Team. At first, I hesitated to apply. Did I want to return to LA? Part of me wanted to, but part of me wanted to stay in Boston working with my friends at The Greenway and planning events. I knew I’d miss walking down the park’s pathway where I’d pass by another staffer wearing a Greenway t-shirt and exchanging greetings whether we knew each other or not. I knew I’d miss the chaos of seeing a vehicle pull into the park and running over to ask if they were authorized while making sure they didn’t hit a wandering tourist on the way. I knew I’d miss going out for lunch at a food truck marveling at the long lines of customers ordering food, and feeling pride in having helped draw people to The Greenway. Most of all, I knew I’d miss coming into the office and seeing all the staff working to make The Rose Kennedy Greenway a destination for tourists and locals.

So, I applied (much to my mother’s joy that I might be staying in Boston and at home). And, late one July afternoon, I received word that I was accepted as the new Programs Coordinator! 

I’ve now settled into my new responsibilities of managing the fitness program, including implementing The Greenway’s first-ever Fall Fitness Season which is launching at the end of October, and coordinating birthday parties at The Greenway’s carousel. I’m also coordinating the Boston Public Market farmers market and planning various events. I’m excited to build my career at The Greenway and spend my time outdoors in a beautiful urban park!

Summer workforce development opportunities on The Greenway are made possible with the generous support of Citizens.