Get your Shuck on!

7, Nov, 2018 Rachel Lake

Written by our friends at The Shuck Truck

As the weather gets colder, many are preparing for hibernation indoors. However, there are still many reasons to head outside, and enjoying a meal at one of our Greenway Food Trucks is one of them! Now in its largest season yet with 35 trucks – many of which vend through winter – we are excited to share the story of one of our newer food trucks, The Shuck Food Truck!pic 4

Julia Nadler and Ben Trusiak met in Wellfleet in 2012. They split their time in between Aspen and Cape Cod and then settled in Acton to build their truck and find locations that would work best. 2018 year was a landmark year, filled with growing relationships with great people.

How did your business begin?

We began on Cape Cod, specifically Wellfleet and the outer cape. We were in the restaurant industry as a sous chef and AGM respectfully, but we wanted a new challenge. We saw an opportunity to make it work, with friends and family helping us along the way.

Why did you decide to vend via food truck?

A food truck is a great way to reach an audience without breaking the bank, especially when you are first starting out. We saw a need for more seafood and coastal cuisine related mobile vending in Boston/Greater Boston.

Why did you choose The Greenway as a location to vend and how long have you been vending here?

The Greenway Conservancy has the most professionally well-run program for food trucks in the city hands down. The program is so diverse in its offerings to the public, and makes the best possible use of its land year after year. We started last year in 2017 at the Greenway Carousel and did quite a bit of vending with our buddies at Trillium Beer Garden on The Greenway.

How has The Greenway improved your business?

The Greenway gives us exposure and it also affords us the financial revenue to operate in this city. It’s no secret Boston/Massachusetts is one of the most expensive areas in the world, and you really have to be smart when doing this business. The locations offered by the Greenway Conservancy give people an opportunity to try your food, and to return week after week if they choose.pic 3

What is your favorite Greenway event?

Trillium Garden on The Greenway.

What is your favorite Shuck Truck dish / what would you recommend to customers?

I personally recommend anything new to our menu that particular week. We also try to offer seasonally based food throughout the year. During the summer, try Shrimp and Scallop Ceviche or the Ahi Tuna Tostadas. In the early spring and fall, go for Smoked Haddock Chowder, Brown Butter Lobster Bisque Fries, etc. We also run the Catchy Sandwich of the day, ranging from Confit Bluefin Tuna Melt, Buttermilk Fried Fish Sliders, or Lobster Grilled Cheese. Hot and Butter’d Lobster Rolls pair well with Trillium IPAs!

Besides Shuck Truck, what is your favorite Greenway Food Truck to grab breakfast/lunch/snack from?

I am a big fan of Zo on the Go’s Chicken Gyro – more than once it got me through a crusher day of service at Rowes Wharf on a Friday. My crew is CRAZY about Gogi on the Block’s Rice Bowl – Julia’s personal favorite.

What are your plans for the future?

The (tentative) plan is to focus our time building our Wedding Catering events for next year, retaining our solid relationships with the Greenway Conservancy, SOWA, and our favorite Brewery spots.

You can find The Shuck Food Truck at Rowes Wharf Plaza/High St on Wednesdays and Fridays.

And remember to check out The Greenway’s full food truck schedule here: 8