Green & Grow Summer Interns are Back!

9, Jul, 2013 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy
We identified what has been eating our delicious kale--Cabbage Beetles.

We identified what has been eating our delicious kale–Cabbage Moths.

The Conservancy is so excited to have our summer interns again!  Joining us this year (from the left of Darrah, a Greenway Horticulturist) are: Waverly, Andrew, Humberto, and Sam.  All have graduated from the Green & Grow Apprenticeship Program and Sam and Waverly both completed the summer internship in 2012.  “Things have really grown, I brought my friends to see the Greenway and I couldn’t believe how quickly things have changed!” said Andrew on our first visit to the Dewey Demonstration Gardens.  On our first day back in the garden we found a few unwanted visitors among our Brassicas; the Cabbage Moth.  Darrah explained to us how to spot the pest and also how we can take steps to control it.  We’ll keep an eye on our crops in Dewey Square and help the Horticulture staff throughout the Greenway Parks this summer.

Despite the moths, today we were able to harvest:

– 2.2 lbs. of turnips
– 1.7 lbs. of beets
– 2 lbs. of yellow beans
– 2.8 lbs. of swiss chard
– 0.4 lbs. of kale

All of which will be donated to Lovin’ Spoonfuls, a local nonprofit that distributes to crisis centers throughout Boston.  Happy Summer!