Growing Greener: Hiking Mount Willard

5, Mar, 2013 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy
Hitting the trail!

Hitting the trail!


Every year, our hike up Mount Willard is something we cherish.  The 3+ mile trek from the Highland Center Lodge has an elevation gain of about 900 feet and can be quite a challenge for some.  In one Apprentice’s words, “I challenged myself, I wasn’t expecting Mount Willard to be so much different and harder than the Blue Hills.  However, telling myself, ‘I can do this, you’re not a quitter…if my teammates can do it, so can I!’ pushed me to make it to the top.”

Encouragement and support are always welcome when legs get tired near the end of the climb.

Encouragement and support are always welcome when legs get tired at the end of the climb.

Every year, folks have doubts about making it to the top but every year we all make it.


Great view of Crawford Notch, even despite the snow!

Tried and true, the best way to get down the mountain is garbage bag sledding.


Waverly, with the sleeping bag technique.


And, Zuri, demonstrating a head-first approach.


Andrew, showing the inevitable aftermath of garbage bag sledding.

Every year our visit to the top of Mount Willard is a treat.  Special thanks to the Appalachian  Mountain Club’s Youth Opportunities Program for lending us the equipment that made playing in the snow possible.  And, special thanks to the Highland Center Lodge for lending us the ‘sleds’!