High Tide, 2016

Carolina Aragón

  • High Tide is an abstracted marsh landscape that seeks to bring attention to the shifting boundary between land and water along Boston’s shoreline. Inspired by a marsh during high tide when the grasses are flooded by water, the installation speaks of the city’s changing shoreline. This shifting boundary occurs at multiple scales: through daily tidal fluctuations, historic man-made land reclamation, and potential future flooding due to sea level rise.

    Materials: fiberglass rods, stainless steel connectors, dichroic plexiglass

  • Carolina Aragón is a public artist and an Assistant Professor in the Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning Department at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her artwork seeks to connect communities to their local landscapes by creating interactive installations that act as environmental sensors, reacting to changing atmospheric conditions of light and wind. Her work seeks to appeal to the visceral and the intellectual, sharpening our senses and heightening our understanding of the world around us.