Little Free Libraries

3, Oct, 2013 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

Libraries have just been installed on the Greenway–that’s right, they’re Little Free Libraries.  Perhaps you’ve seen one somewhere before, now you can find two on the Greenway!

  • Just above North Street in the North End Parks (pictured)
  • and on the lawn North of High Street and Rowe’s Wharf Plaza in the Wharf District Parks



The Little Free Libraries motto’s are simple: “Take a Book, Leave a Book” and “Always a Gift, Never for Sale”.  We hope these libraries will help to promote literacy and sharing in the parks.  Please participate as you see fit.  So far, book turnover has been quite high and we’re very happy to see the libraries being used!  Enjoy, and if you have any other ideas about small things that make a big impact for park users, we’re always open to hearing your ideas, just email us at [email protected].