London Plane Tree Pruning

24, Jun, 2010 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

A local arborist contractor, Hartney Greymont, is completing pruning on the London Plane Trees (Plantanus x hybrida ‘Bloodgood’) in the Wharf District Parks today and tomorrow.  This majestic tree that lines the Promenade requires proper training as a young tree.  The arborists are specially trained to do proper cuts and remove the dense branching that will encourage proper growth for stronger limbs and better structural appearance as they grow older.

Hartney Greymont Arborists

We are also encouraging growth through our organic maintenance program.  The trees are being fed with soil injected compost tea that will improve better nutrition for the roots.  We are working to promote the health and longevity all the preexisting and newly planted trees here and throughout the Greenway.