Meet our Greenway Art Ambassadors

21, Sep, 2016 Eileen Ong

The Greenway’s public art program has had a great few years, with lots of recognition and a variety of thought-provoking pieces throughout the park. One of the great successes of this program has been our Art Ambassador volunteers, who are out in the park on a regular basis to talk art with Greenway visitors!

We wanted to take a moment to introduce everyone to this awesome team of art-lovers and guest service gurus who spend their free time on The Greenway!


This team of 19 comes from all walks of life. From those who have decided to spend their retirement living right along The Greenway, to those new to Boston wanting to learn more about their city; from past lawyers, to future doctors; from current art students and those who are missing art in their professional lives, this group of talented people all share a passion for public art. We asked a few of them to reflect on the program.

What do you like most about being an Ambassador?

Harumi: I like being able to escape my college campus to engage and interact with a very different part of the Boston community. Not only do I get to share what I know about public art, but I have also learned so much from others and have gained a deeper appreciation for public art as a means to bring people together.

Linda: One of the best experiences in being an Ambassador is sharing the background information/stories that led Ai WeiWei to create his works both on the Greenway and at the MFA. Visitors really appear to appreciate this information and the fact that their interests are being acknowledged.


What’s the most surprising or touching reaction to the art that you’ve seen?

Audrey: The most surprising reaction to the art I have seen is someone walking by and not initially understanding or appreciating the sculptures, but then learning about and contextualizing Ai Weiwei and walking away with a great appreciation.


What has been your favorite art piece on The Greenway and why?

Miranda: My favorite piece on the Greenway was Echelman’s As If It Were Already Here. I loved that there were multiple layers of meaning within the piece, and none of it was obvious. I really enjoyed unpacking the piece with visitors and watching it all suddenly make sense to them.

Janet: My favorite art piece on the Greenway was the Echelman. Its uniqueness, its scale, the entrancing movement, and the excitement and recognition it brought to Boston and The Greenway were what made it so fabulous for me. That said, the Zodiac Heads installation has its own charms – some people connect with their individual signs only, others are very interested in the sculptures’ and Ai Weiwei’s stories. The fountain is such a lively area for visitors and Art Ambassadors alike. Finally I would say that the UNIs  – library cart and draw art – add real value to the art work.


You can learn more about when Art Ambassadors are out in the park at our website and stop by for a visit to meet this extraordinary group of people! We’ll be recruiting for 2017 Ambassadors in the spring; email [email protected] to learn more.