Meet Your Greenway Marathon Runners: Jeanne Goswami

19, Feb, 2015 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

This year we had the honor of receiving two Boston Marathon bibs through John Hancock’s Non-Profit Program. For the past 30 years, John Hancock’s sponsorship of the Boston Marathon has helped hundreds of non-profit organizations raise money for their missions (38.4 million in 2014 to be exact). We’ve chosen two dedicated runners that are big supporters of the Greenway Jeanne Goswami and Dennis Burke. They’re committed to not only running those 26.2 miles come April 20th, but also raising $5,000 to help support our mission. We’re thrilled for you to meet our team! First up, Jeanne Goswami.

Jeanne Goswami 1

Jeanne, tell the world a little about yourself!

I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband Blaise, but I grew up in Beverly, MA and will always be a Boston girl at heart. I first got into running thanks to my older sister Anne, who is a life-long runner turned Ironman competitor. When not training for Boston, I can be found at Sotheby’s, where I am the Head of the Proposals Department, curled up on the couch watching Bollywood movies with my husband, or in the kitchen trying out new cookie recipes for when I finally fulfill my dream of opening my own bakery (I will bake for donations for the Greenway!)

How long have you been a runner? Have you ever run a marathon before?

I have been pretending to be a runner since 2006, when I “ran” my first half marathon in Lowell, MA. Since then, I have completed 10 half marathons, including Boston’s Run to Remember and the Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon in Duluth, MN, and two marathons—finishing the New York City Marathon in 2009 and 2013. This will be my first Boston Marathon, and I am pumped.

What is your training regimen? What keeps you motivated, especially during your long runs?

My training regimen includes as much running as I can fit in and at least one (but hopefully more) Bikram Yoga classes per week to help build strength and flexibility, not to mention mental focus and determination for my long runs. Like most professionals these days, there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the week sometimes, so I often wind up feeling like I am not training enough. Luckily, I have my big sister to keep me on track and to help me find ways to squeeze my training in. During the week, I try to run in the mornings before work and keep my long runs for Saturdays and Sundays.

To help keep me motivated, my husband, aka “DJ Blaiser,” creates the most amazing training playlists for me, studded with hits from our high school days and current poppy pump-up classics! Nothing keeps me motivated for a long run like hearing Canadian boy-band soulDecision’s 2000 classic “Faded” back-to-back with Jason Derulo’s “Fight for You!” I get so caught up listening to the tracks that my run is over before I even realize it (well, maybe not quite, but it really does help!)

Jeanne Goswami 2What made you decide to run for the Greenway?

Living in New York City, I know how precious green space is! I decided to run for the Greenway because their mission of providing a socially and environmentally conscious park for all Boston residents is very near and dear to my heart. From their commitment to public arts programming, to the incredible food trucks and farmers markets they bring to the city, the Greenway demonstrates how public space can reshape and rebuild a neighborhood.

Do you have a favorite memory associated with the Greenway?

My husband and I first started dating while I was still living in Beverly and he was in New York. He would come to visit me on Amtrak, and I remember coming in to Boston to meet his train and sitting in Dewey Square Park on warm spring mornings, waiting for him to arrive. We would stroll along the Greenway, visit the food trucks and enjoy our time in the fresh air, before getting in my car for the drive to the suburbs. The Greenway was where we really got to know one another, and it will always hold so many fond memories for us, including being the site of our engagement during Boston Marathon weekend in 2014.

Any messages for other aspiring runners, or to those who have supported you thus far?

To aspiring runners: Distance running is 98% mental. Once you learn to switch off your brain and just let your legs go, it becomes so much easier. If you are constantly checking your watch or thinking about how much more you need to do, you’ll drive yourself crazy. Learn to switch off and just do… or ask a friend for a kickin’ playlist!!

And to my donors so far: THANK YOU! I am constantly humbled by the support and generosity of my family and friends. I wouldn’t be here without you all. See you all along the course in April.


Thanks so much to Jeanne for rising to this challenge! We’re excited to cheer her on throughout the whole training process and on race day. If you want to support Jeanne and the Greenway, visit her funding page to make a donation (currently she’s at 41% of her goal!). You can also contact Kelly Frattaroli, our Development Assistant, by phone or email with any questions or to make a donation: [email protected], 617-603-7739.

And if you’re already registered to run on Marathon Monday, but are interested in supporting the Greenway, you can still join our team! We ask for a $750 minimum fundraising goal. You can direct any questions about this opportunity to Kelly.

Run On, Boston! And stay tuned for more updates from our Marathon Team!