Mothers’ Walk

The Mothers’ Walk honors all those who played an important role along our path in life. Thank the people who have meant so much to you with an inscribed paver on The Greenway.

  • Where will my paver be placed?
    Your paver will be installed where there is availability along The Mothers’ Walk, which runs through the Wharf District, beginning at Mercantile Street by the Greenway Carousel and winding its way south to High Street at Rowes Wharf. We cannot guarantee a specific location.

    When will my paver go in?
    Pavers are engraved and installed in batches between May and October, as weather conditions allow. Once ordered, pavers may take between 1-5 months to install. We cannot guarantee an exact date of placement.

    What happens after I order?
    You will receive an email from our development team confirming your inscription and certificate details, plus the expected timing of your installation. Once the paver is installed, you will receive an update with information on its location.

    How long will my paver last?
    Your paver is guaranteed for 10 years. If your paver is cracked or broken during this period, we can replace your paver at no additional charge to you. However, please know that engraving will naturally fade over time; after a 10 year period, you can request a re-engraved paver at cost.


    Any other questions? 

    Please contact and a member of our staff will get back to you.