Noodles Checks-In on National Dog Day

26, Aug, 2015 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

Editor’s Note: The Greenway prides itself on being both a human- and dog-friendly park. (We even have signage that speaks directly to our four-legged friends.) That said, we were pretty surprised to receive a note from one of our most regular visitors this summer, Noodles! But given that she sent it through our summer intern, Autumn, AND that it’s National Dog Day, we’re happy to share it with you!


My name is Noodles and this summer I’ve become something of an unofficial Greenway mascot! My owner, Bartlett, has been volunteering on The Greenway since last year, starting with horticulture projects and then getting more involved through The Greenway’s Plant Records Volunteer position. This year, she also joined the Arts Ambassador program and spends her time helping people understand all the new installations of #GreenwayArt! She probably spends more time on The Greenway than with me. (Okay, not really but to my doggy knowledge, she has already spent over 50 hours volunteering!)

Bartlett & Noodles on The Greenway

Bartlett & Noodles on The Greenway

Even before her time volunteering with The Greenway it’s possible you saw us as we live in the Wharf District right next to the park! In fact, one of my earliest Greenway memories is of being hit by a car near Rowes Wharf Plaza (ouch!) in January 2014 only to have two wonderful Greenway employees rush Bartlett and I back to her car in one of their maintenance vehicles so she could take me to the hospital! I was thankfully back on all four paws in no time and was again prancing happily through the snow-covered Greenway!

As an Arts Ambassador, Bartlett mostly volunteers her time under the amazing aerial sculpture by Janet Echelman. The Arts Ambassadors are always in bright, orange t-shirts so you can’t miss them! They’re super nice and friendly, so feel free to approach them for any reason. Not only does Bartlett answer people’s questions, but she also brings out the UNI mobile reading room, toys for children, extra seating, and more. Isn’t she just awesome? You can find her and other Art Ambassador volunteers under the sculpture several times per week. [Ed. Note: Noodles couldn’t remember the schedule. See below.]

Arts Ambassador Schedule

Tuesdays 11a-2p (Tour @ 12:30p)
Thursdays 3p-7p (Tour @ 5:30p)
Saturdays & Sundays 12p-4p (Tour @ 1:30p)


Now about me:  I haven’t told you yet, but I am a golden retriever and love rolling in the soft, organic green lawns of The Greenway. My favorite part of being on The Greenway is meeting people from all over the world! I am a social dog, so it is always great to meet new people and these encounters led Bartlett and I to start a Facebook page called The Noodles Project to connect with all who we meet!

What is this project you might ask? As a young and ambitious dog, I hope to connect the world through hugs! Just this summer I’ve posed for pictures with local residents and visitors from Metro Boston, states around the country, and tourists from England, Ireland, Finland, Bolivia, Canada, Armenia, Israel, and India! It’s a lot of fun to meet people from all over the world who visit The Greenway for a variety of reasons!

So stop by The Greenway before the Echelman sculpture comes down at the end of October and you’re likely to spot me rolling in the grass. I might not have much to say, but I am always down for a hug!


Hope to see you around~
Noodles image of Unicode Character 'PAW PRINTS' (U+1F43E)


(Ed. Note: For more information on the various opportunities to volunteer on The Greenway, please visit our Volunteer page!)