Our First Late Night Event – with Food Trucks of course…

6, Oct, 2014 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

Late Night MBTA Food Truck Fest -012

In partnership with MassDOT and the MBTA’s late night service, we hosted our first ever late night food truck festival on Saturday, October 4th beginning at 11:30 pm and running until 1:30 am on Sunday morning, October 5th. It took place at Dewey Square Park just steps from South Station and the Red and Silver lines as well as commuter rail service.  Dewey Square is a popular weekday site for our Mobile Eats program and this seemed like the logical place to do a late night event.

While it had been raining earlier that night, the skies cleared and the moon was visible through rapidly thinning clouds.  We are pleased to note that we had 300 people come out and purchase one or more items from the trucks.  We set out baggo for a little late night gaming as well…

Late Night MBTA Food Truck Fest -009

We had five vendors working with us in the end – Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, The Dining Car, Chicken and Rice Guys, Cookie Monstah and the Fashion Truck. It took a fair amount of time and effort to convince the city to permit this, so in the end we recieved final sign-off just a few days prior to the event.  So, we did our promotion largely via social media and via an MBTA/MassDOT press release and promotion.

Late Night MBTA Food Truck Fest -003

Our thanks to everyone for their help.  We’re hoping that we can do it again some time soon. We have a few more ideas on how to improve it as well.

Late Night MBTA Food Truck Fest -008

Charlie McCabe, Director of Public Programs