Park Renovations – The Greenway in Chinatown

3, Aug, 2021

The Greenway Conservancy is thrilled to announce the completion of the first round of park renovations on The Greenway in Chinatown. These upgrades are focused on safety and community use and were informed by community feedback and input, as well as by recommendations of the Conservancy’s Chin Park Lighting Study, funded and supported by the Greenway Business Improvement District.  

Auntie Kay & Uncle Frank Chin Park on The Greenway

In May 2021, the Conservancy removed 5-year old safety tiles from underneath the Greenway PlayCubes in Auntie Kay & Uncle Frank Chin Park on The Greenway. A new, colorful, continuous surface was poured in their place and the park was reopened to the public. This new surface creates a safer play area while adding a playful pop of color to the Chin Park plaza. Thank you to all of our partners and community members that made this possible and came out to watch this exciting upgrade. We invite families and children of all ages to enjoy our renovated PlayCubes, the only one of its kind on The Greenway.

In June 2021, the Conservancy replaced and upgraded the uplights in the triangle garden in the northwest corner of the plaza in Auntie Kay and Uncle Frank Chin Park. Additionally, the Conservancy replaced and upgraded the lights in the sampan sail along the Serpentine Path.

Mary Soo Hoo Park on The Greenway

In April 2021, at the request of the community, the Conservancy removed five granite structures in Mary Soo Hoo Park on The Greenway. A concrete surface was poured in their place and the park was reopened to the public. The removal of these granite structures, which did not provide positive use for the community, allows the Conservancy and the community to reimagine the use of this space. When public health conditions and budget allow, the Conservancy looks forward to piloting new fitness and play infrastructure, creating a unique space on The Greenway for families and visitors to discover.

These new park improvements are focused on community input and feedback around safety, park use, activation, and aesthetics, and will further enhance The Greenway as a welcoming public park for all. Park upgrades are supported in part by the Greenway Business Improvement District, City of Boston Community Preservation Act Fund, Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund, the George B. Henderson Foundation, the Cabot Family Charitable Trust, Commonwealth Places Program created by Mass Development, and the WANG Foundation.

We want to especially recognize the Greenway Business Improvement District (BID), which has contributed a significant amount of its capital repair spending to focus on renovations and upgrades in Chin Park. The Greenway BID, comprised of abutting businesses along The Greenway, provides reliable funding to the Conservancy as well as additional enhancements funds that support transformative projects like this throughout The Greenway.

To learn more about The Greenway and the work of the Greenway Conservancy, check out our website at Please feel free to reach out with any questions and concerns to [email protected]

Greenway PlayCubes photography courtesy of Chris Rucinski of Hills3 Studio.

This blog post was last updated August 3, 2021.