Q&A with Javier Arrudas

15, Mar, 2023

Morning Team Lead/ Supervisor and Ambassador at Block by Block

In order to maintain The Greenway to a high standard and provide a friendly park presence for the public, The Conservancy partners with Block by Block on basic services including snow removal, mowing, and cleaning. As an organization, Block by Block recruits and supports individuals facing barriers to participation in the workforce, including those in recovery and those with physical, intellectual, or developmental disabilities. Supervisors recruit and support these individuals as part of a highly effective team at The Greenway.

When nominating Javier for this interview, Roaming Operations Manager Karim Hill commented: “Javier works and goes to school full time plus he comes in and goes above and beyond to help get the needs of The Greenway handled efficiently.”


When did you start working here, and when do you work on The Greenway?

I started in September 2022 and I am on the morning shift from 6:30a-3p. I live in Chelsea so the commute to work is quick!

How did you get involved with Block by Block?

I was working at my previous job and I was not able to earn enough while also studying full time. Because my classes are between 6p-10p, I needed to find work that had a flexible schedule to allow me to finish my studies for a massage therapy license plus take part in clinics. After I graduate this September, I will start classes at Bunker Hill Community College for a certificate in MRI Technology. Ultimately, I want to open a sports medicine facility to help underprivileged college and high school kids with sport related injuries. 

What is your background in landscaping work? 

I learned a lot about landscaping from my father when he was team lead of a landscaping crew at C&W Services and I used to help when I was younger. Then I did tree removal work at Barret Landscaping in Medford. They saw how much I enjoyed plants so gave me some experience in working with bio stimulants for trees. Plus, I love nature! I have so many plants at home that I grow!

What is your favorite part of The Greenway and your work here? 

My favorite tree is the Japanese Maple tree and there are a few on the Greenway at the end of parcel 18 [north of Oliver Street]. I love going over there to visit them and see how the leaves change with the seasons. I also enjoy working alongside my team! Out of all the parks in the city, I feel that The Greenway is very clean and I am proud of the work we do together. 

What have been some favorite interactions on The Greenway? 

We see so many people come through here. Last year, I came across some visitors to Boston from Spain. My family is originally from Spain so we had a long discussion together and that was really fun. We also do work alongside our friends from Best Buddies and my shift overlaps with Richard. He has a deep love for dogs and to see him greet his furry friends at the park is pure joy.