Science in (teen) motion

17, Dec, 2009 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

Wow, what a show! The Conservancy’s Green and Grow apprentices: Darren, Estefany, Jack, Jayla, Krystal and Malik, just wrapped up their first semester presentations to the Conservancy staff and Green and Grow partners. This energetic bunch of 17-20 year-olds made plant cells, pruning, leaf structure and photosynthesis seem like more fun than covering your hands with thousands of worms in a composter. (They did that too.)

Malik and Jack present proper pruning technique.

Jayla and Estefany explain the difference between plant cells and animal cells.

Krystal and Darren discuss photosynthesis.

The apprentices beamed with pride as they relayed the knowledge they’d gleaned in their first three months, taking care of the Greenway and using the parks as a living laboratory to enhance what they learned indoors. As Krystal noted, “I have learned a lot about planting, but I have also learned that nature has its own voice that needs to be listened to.”

The Conservancy thanks DeAnne Dupont (Massachusetts Climate Action Network, Board Member) and Rob Garrity (Massachusetts Climate Action Network, Executive Director) for attending today’s presentations.

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Sponsor spotlight: The Conservancy welcomes our newest Green and Grow sponsor, National Grid. National Grid is committed to supporting sustainable programs that focus on Education and Skills, Energy and the Environment and Community Investment.  They continue to apply the power of action to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors and, together, to lead the way to a better world. Thank you!