Spring Lawn Aeration & Treatments Begin

6, May, 2015 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

Today, Wednesday, May 6, 2015, The Greenway Horticulture team continues the Spring time Lawn Aeration and fertilization process.¬† Our Horticulture foreman, Anthony, is on the Greenway tractor using our fracking aerator (it’s a good thing) to loosen our lawns, while our Seasonal horticulture staff (Mike, Tori, Alaina and Gary) aerate the lawn in and around the Labyrinth at Armenian Heritage Park using hand tools.

Once aeration is completed on each of the lawns, we overseed with grass seed, and apply over 6,500 lbs. of organic products  to the lawns, including organic fertilizer, humates, granular compost and alfalfa.

We put together a great video late last summer, featuring Anthony and the Horticulture staff performing the fall lawn aeration process, check it out: