The Big Hammock on the Greenway

13, Aug, 2010 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

There is a new art installation on the Greenway, and…well, it’s kind of a BIG deal.


The Big Hammock, brainchild of architect and artist Hansy Better Barraza, is an 8’ x 38’ hand-woven hammock that is being created and installed in the Greenway’s Fort Point Channel Parks.  Once completed, the hammock will be able to seat a maximum of fifteen people at once!  (Talk about a power nap.)

The Big Hammock project, funded through the Awesome Foundation as well as, is intended to create a new way to interact with and admire the urban and historical setting, enforcing the idea of the Greenway as space of public leisure.  Park-goers are encouraged to sit, lounge, and nap on this truly inspired piece of art!