The Greenway Interns

16, Jul, 2015 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy


Leah Ho-Isreal, Development

Leah will be a sophomore at Pomona College in Claremont, CA this fall and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Issues, particularly water resources management and climate change adaptation.  She will be working with the Development team this summer on several projects focused around grant research and community outreach.

From Leah: “I have a special interest in water resources, community engagement, and urban systems management. I became interested in working at The Greenway after hearing about their all-organic gardening initiatives to keep the Boston Harbor clean. Then, hearing about how much of a positive impact The Greenway has had on the community made me want to intern all the more!”



Taylor Knoop, Planning & Design

Taylor has been incredibly helpful this summer with all of the projects and programs we have going on in the park. From helping with the Design Biennial Boston installations to collecting Park Ranger data and researching ping pong table options for Chinatown Park, Taylor can handle anything we throw her way. Her positive approach and hard work will certainly be missed after this summer!

From Taylor: “I grew up in East Greenwich, Rhode Island and I am senior Political Science major at The College of Wooster, in Wooster Ohio. I am constantly impressed by the amount of coordination and detailed thought required to present the public with a beautiful park and the seamlessly run events. Patrons do not see (nor should they!) the level of cooperation and communication required between departments, especially Planning & Design and Maintenance/Horticulture. Personally, I really enjoy the number of diverse tasks I get to work on, which range from evaluating the horticulture rating system to analyzing and presenting data collected through the park ranger program to researching and planning the carousel tent replacement to assisting in the Design Biennial Boston implementation process.”


Autumn Nguyen, Community Relations and Marketing

Autumn has been immersed in several facets of The Greenway’s communications, social media, branding, marketing, and community relations efforts. She has spent considerable time doing research that will improve the number of outlets where The Greenway will publicize our 300+ free annual events, and has also begun work on a long-term project to assemble a ‘Guide to The Greenway’ for park visitors. When she’s not trying out one of The Greenway’s food trucks she can also be found attending a community meeting in Chinatown on a number of the areas of overlapping interest between The Greenway and our Chinatown neighbors.

From Autumn: “I am currently majoring in Communication at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. I have lived in Boston all my life, but only discovered The Greenway last summer, while working in the North End. After work, I would drive along The Greenway to get to the highway. It was always a calming ride after a busy day, and the light blades were always my favorite at night. I thought, “It would be nice to work here.” When I saw this job opportunity as a Community Relations and Marketing intern, I thought it was the perfect opportunity for me. I’m majoring in Communication and hoping to double [major] in Marketing as well. Now here I am, having a blast at this internship and meeting such wonderful people at the Conservancy.”


Luke Rogers

Luke Rogers, Horticulture and Maintenance

Luke is a National Honor Society student heading into his Senior year at Boston College HS. Among numerous academic accomplishments, Luke is fluent in both Mandarin and Spanish and also holds a starting position on the BCHS Football team. Luke has a fondness for sound recording and his previous work experience includes carpentry and landscaping. He has also given considerable time to volunteering.

From Luke: “I’m from Dorchester, so had visited The Greenway a lot before I started working. I chose my job as an intern to learn what makes The Greenway a top ten urban trail in America. Working with Maintenance and Horticulture has allowed me to see behind the scenes and work directly with the people that keep The Greenway intact.”