Four rectangular banners billow in the wind at the top of a red steel structure. Large white Chinese characters on the banners reads

The Herd, 2021

Andy Li

  • The Herd, Andy Li’s text and fiber-based installation, reflects on the Year of The Ox by channeling its most prominent zodiac attributes and the Ox’s ethic of perseverance through the repetition of text. In some mythology, the Ox was sent from the heavens to assist humankind and work with them to prevent famine. This year, the Ox has arrived during a very difficult time for the world. With the New Year, the Ox carries hope through determination, honesty, and patience. The Herd was envisioned to create a serene and unifying environment in Chin Park to remind us that, like a herd of oxen, we are in this together. 

    Andy Li基於文本和纖維的藝術作品“牧群”使用重複的文字通過傳播其最突出的十二生肖屬性以及牛群堅韌不拔的特性來反映牛年。在某些神話中,牛是上天派來協助人類,並與人類合作以防止飢荒的。今年,在世人經歷艱難時期時,牛來到了人世間。隨著新年的來臨,牛通過堅毅、誠實和耐心傳遞希望。藝術家設想“牧群”在陳毓禮伉儷公園創造一個寧靜而統一的環境,以提醒人們,像一群牛一樣,我們在一起。

  • Andy Li is a Boston based fiber artist. His work seeks to stitch the common threads of individual experiences into an emotional landscape shared by the community. He graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2012.

    Andy Li是一位波士頓纖維藝術家。他的作品旨在將個人經歷的共同點融入社區共享的情感環境中。他在2012年畢業於麻省藝術與設計學院。