Unwind and Enjoy the View on The Greenway

30, Jun, 2016 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

Bench close-up

“Unwind” and “Enjoy the View on The Greenway” are two of the messages mounted on benches along The Greenway dedicated by nearby residents Helen and Larry O’Connor.  Etched on plaques with images of grass, columbine, yarrow, a butterfly, and a dragonfly – all things that can be found and enjoyed along The Greenway; the O’Connors adopted a bench in their name and dedicated two benches to their parents.  

The Greenway can be seen from Larry and Helen’s apartment, which they lovingly call the Greenway suite. “We feel very lucky to step out the door, to not only enjoy the health benefits of The Greenway, but also to show our relatives, especially our nieces and nephews, their grandparents’ benches,” reflected Helen and Larry, “We live here, we often have family visit, and we feel incredibly lucky that we can honor them together with three side-by-side benches.”


Larry and Helen O’Connor with their Greenway apartment view.

Their benches are located in The Greenway’s Wharf District Park across from the Boston Harbor Hotel. Larry, who walks The Greenway every day for his daily exercise, takes it all in: “It is about an hour walk down and back, and there is always so much to see, so much beauty and greenery, and it is amazing to see the careful attention given by staff and volunteers to keep the parks spotless – they’re out there every day!” Larry shared, “And during lunch our benches are always occupied, we are happy that they are being used!”


One of Larry and Helen’s three dedicated on The Greenway

Married for 61 years and long-time Boston residents, Helen grew up in Boston and Larry worked in the city for many years, and while they have lived in many other locations with Larry’s work bringing him all over the globe, they returned to Boston when they saw The Greenway. “Maybe New York has Central Park, but we have The Greenway. It has been the biggest improvement to the city. We had to have a piece of Boston after seeing The Greenway!” remarked Helen and Larry.

Larry and Helen often go to Chinatown and the North End, and now they have a scenic route; they head to The Greenway Open Market in the Wharf District Parks on Saturdays and they are looking forward to trying out various food trucks from our Mobile Eats program. And now on their way by, they can visit their benches, their special seats that marks their piece of Boston, honors their family, and supports the gardens and programs that make The Greenway world-class.

Find out more about bench sponsorship on The Greenway.