Who Doesn’t Love Food? by Waverly Williams

29, Aug, 2013 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

My team and I worked hard all summer to make the Dewey Square garden the best it has ever looked.  Not only is our garden beautiful, but we managed to harvest over 110 lbs. of produce. We donate about half of our harvest to a nonprofit called Lovin’ Spoonful’s.  The rest we share with garden visitors and take home in order to fully appreciate the vegetables we grow.  To give you a little taste of what we have harvested this summer here is a list: strawberries (3 lbs.), chives (12 lbs.), carrots (3.2 lbs.), garlic (4 lbs.), potatoes (18 lbs.), beets (2 lbs.), turnips (10 lbs.), Swiss chard (8.8 lbs.), spinach (4 lbs.) , mixed greens (2 lbs.), lettuce (6 lbs.), kale (4 lbs.), thyme (1 lb.), cilantro (2 lbs.), cucumbers (14 lbs.), and much more!  We estimate this produce could be sold at the Dewey Square Farmers Market for over $225. Throughout the summer we have spent a great deal of time and put a lot of effort into our garden.  Nothing is more exciting than harvesting and sharing the food my team and I worked hard to grow. Please stop by and taste our beautiful garden!

Andrew, watering the Napa Cabbage

Andrew, watering the Napa Cabbage


Sam, harvesting garlic


Humberto, on the phone


Waverly, author of this post, harvesting peppers.