You Are Here: New Signs Come to the Greenway

9, Aug, 2010 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

Last week the Greenway Conservancy installed nine new signs along the Greenway.  The three-sided, kite-inspired signs are designed to both orient and inform park-goers. Park maps not only orient, but also inform visitors about unique park features, while the bulletin board feature on the signs displays up to date information about programs and events happening on the Greenway.

Two main sign types, the 8’6” Greenway Identification signs and the 7’6” District Park Kiosk signs, each serve a specific function.  Greenway Identification signs are meant to introduce visitors to the Greenway and orient them to the area, whereas the District Park Kiosk signs act as bulletin boards displaying information and upcoming events specifically related to the district park in which they are located.

The hope is that these pedestrian friendly, informative signs will not only orient Greenway-goers, but serve as a park-linking element along the mile-long Greenway.