Augmented Reality at Home

8, May, 2020

Turn your living room or backyard into a public art gallery!

Use the Hoverlay app to turn your living room or back patio into a Greenway Augment Reality (AR) gallery, and explore historic images of the Greenway corridor while learning about the transformation of Downtown Boston and the park’s creation. You can discover contemporary artworks with your family, in your home, and share your experiences through in-app photo and video.

Through a curatorial partnership with Boston Cyberarts and Hoverlay, in 2019 the Conservancy commissioned three prominent AR artists and local historian Amy D. Finstein to to conceptually explore themes of transportation and the automobile in relation to The Greenway’s past and present.

The Greenway Conservancy’s Augmented Reality (AR) exhibit blends interactive digital elements into our real-world environments by overlaying historical imagery and contemporary art on fixed locations on The Greenway.  Now you can transport these exhibits to your own home, thanks to our partnership with Hoverlay. See the simple instructions below.

We’ll be releasing new AR experiences each week, so stay tuned across our social media and our website. Don’t forget to share your in-app photos and videos with us online for a chance to be featured!

The Conservancy has elevated public art in Boston by capturing the imaginations of residents and visitors with its award-winning exhibitions. As we continue the Conservancy’s tradition of innovation during this challenging time by expanding our AR installation beyond the boundaries of The Greenway; we are making our public art available to you, the public, wherever you may be!