Boston Bloom, 2016

Kawandeep Virdee

  • I seek a mark that invites expressiveness, grows open ended, and feels familiar to everyone. My hand dwells in the repetition of drawing simple lines over and over, creating patterns informed by geometric repetition and craft. I am processing, I am calm. The ‘errors’ from drawing by hand produce subtle variations that break the monotony.  Instead of a rigid system, the pattern carries more surprise, bringing energy and humanity to the piece. Tiny shifts produce larger gestures across the drawing.

    These patterns are common in the margins of the notebooks, and here they are brought to the center and celebrated. The simple lines are forgiving and inviting, they embody a familiar and natural process. Viewers have drawn them themselves, replicating and riffing on them.  In publicly displaying the work, the repetition creates a uniformity where standing in front of the pattern will not block it. Rather, the pattern becomes a celebration of the viewer, a giant confetti hug.

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