COVID-19 | Updates from the Greenway Conservancy

21, Sep, 2020

For over a decade, it has been the Greenway Conservancy’s mission to manage and care for The Greenway, providing vibrant green space that is essential to everyone who shares our city. In these difficult times, we will continue to do so. The Greenway remains open for the public to enjoy while observing safe physical distancing guidelines. 

This below information will continue to be regularly updated. You can sign up for regular email updates from the Conservancy at the bottom of this webpage.


The Greenway Conservancy is committed to supporting our partners and neighbors during this unprecedented time. As people are searching for affordable ways to reconnect while staying healthy, The Greenway’s vibrant green space, exhilarating art exhibitions, and open-air markets and dining options will be more important than ever–and our neighboring businesses and services will continue to be essential components of a lively, welcoming, and resilient downtown Boston. Check out what our partners are offering during this time in our latest blog post, Support our Greenway Community.

Those who are unable to visit the park can #BringTheGreenwayHome with coloring pages, educational videos, and more; be sure to follow our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels as well as our website to learn more!

Original blog post March 13th. Updated on a regular basis to reflect new information.