Growing Greener: Sharing the Knowledge

3, Jan, 2013 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

The Green & Grow Apprentices have learned so much this fall and they showcased their knowledge at the monthly Boston Youth Environmental Network  (BYEN)  networking dinner in December.  Topics covered were: soils, organics, flower anatomy, classification, and bulbs.  Each of the topics were inspired by something that we covered in the classroom.  The Apprentices took what they found to be most interesting and built on the topic, creating a presentation for other environmental youth organizations.

We learned a lot throughout the process.  Here are a few words from our young folks that explain challenges, insights, and successes of the presentations:


“We are all significant, when one of us rises, we all rise.” –Ursile


“There are many roles on a team, everyone has a part to do and we succeed when everyone does their part.” –Andrew


“Applying yourself and focusing really helps in the long run.” –Ianna


“I learned how healthy soil is really important for all life and also even if something is hard, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to try it.” –Roodvens

Roodvens had more wise words for us during the process: “When we put our heads together we can accomplish anything.”  So, as we look back on 2012, reflecting on the important lessons we learned, we’ll also be looking forward to 2013, to apply those lessons, and become even more empowered as a team of young stewards.

Special thanks to BYEN for hosting the presentations!   Happy New Year!