Greenway Carousel

at the Tiffany & Co. Foundation Grove

This is the only carousel of its kind. The hand-carved characters are inspired by the air, sea and land animals of Boston Harbor, and by the imaginations of children. The Conservancy challenged students from around Boston to draw carousel characters they wanted to ride. Now you can fly on the wings of a Peregrine Falcon, sit astride the mythical Sea Serpent Gondola, or honor an endangered animal like the Green Sea Turtle.

In partnership with the Institute for Human Centered Design, we’re proud to have created the most ADA-compliant carousel in the region. Going well beyond wheelchair accessibility, the unique and important features make it possible for people with physical, sensory and cognitive disabilities to join in on the fun. Come for a spin!


The Greenway Carousel was the vision of Amalie Kass, who wanted to make a contribution to Boston that would make children happy. Amalie, who passed away on May 19, 2019, provided the lead donation that put The Greenway Carousel project in motion. Every smile of every child who delights in a ride on The Greenway Carousel is a tribute to Amalie’s memory.